Buy Happy Pricing: A better car-buying experience


Safford Brown Buy Happy Pricing is the first step towards a better car buying experience, which our customers tell us starts with the right price, upfront with no hidden fees or rebates for which you are not eligible.

Unlike most dealers, our pricing (online and quotes) does not begin with a price that includes every possible rebate and incentive for which you may not qualify. We know this deceptive practice is a waste of your time, money, and creates a frustrating experience.


Instead, we start with our discounted sale price and the factory incentives everyone can receive

Then we show you all those specialty rebates that can lower your sale price even more

We even show you special low APR rates and how they could be your best deal, saving you thousands more than standard financing options


Our goal is for this straightforward pricing approach to help make your car-buying experience better.  If you have any questions about pricing or current incentive programs, please don't hesitate to call or email.

Another great way to begin your "Buy Happy Buying Experience" is by scheduling a no-pressure test drive and demonstration to ensure your next vehicle meets all your needs and wants.  Please let us know of any other ways we can help you with your next vehicle purchase

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Customer Reviews
  about "Buy Happy Pricing"...

"Great deal without the run around After getting several quotes from a few dealers, I went to the one with the lowest quote. The dealer in Arlington added rebates back that I couldn't get. This was ridiculous! I was already warned by the salesman at Browns Mazda that this will happen. I went to Brown's and they gave me a price and stuck to it!"


"He CLEARLY was more interested in my satisfaction with the car than he was in making a quick sale, and there was absolutely no pressure whatsoever to make the purchase. I laughed harder than I've laughed in a while, and we had a lot of fun. I purchased my car from them and it was exactly what I expected to pay."


"The BEST thing about him and really EVERYONE at Browns Mazda is the no pressure, down-to-earth service. My husband also did some online quotes to some of the other Mazda dealerships in the area, and his phone NEVER stopped ringing as soon as he hit submit. In one day he got 6 different calls from 6 different sales people at Mazda Rosenthal in Tysons (don't they talk to one another?). Meanwhile while we took a week or so to think about our options, Carlos answered all of our questions patiently and gave us really honest and candid feedback when we asked his opinions: never sale-sy or annoyingly aggressive. We really felt like he had our best interest in mind"